Steel fabrication services in Alice Springs


Steel Worker — Steel Fabrication Services in Alice Springs, NT
At DNA Steel Direct, we offer more than just great products. We also offer a range of steel fabrication services to help meet your needs more perfectly. You’ll find that we not only can provide custom welding to create steel products of your choosing, but we also have sheet metal or we can cut steel easily to fit whatever lengths and widths you need for your project. One of our specialities is created customised shelving and storage units for garages and other locations where heavy-duty strength and durability is desired. That’s why we’re a fan favourite among handymen, construction workers and car restoration hobbyists.

Not only do we offer steel fabrication services, but we can help you install or build your steel products. We have a variety of DIY sheds, but we understand that not everyone has the time or skills needed to construct a shed kit. That’s why we have experts on hand who can come out and construct your sheds for you. We also provide help with garages, hangars, barns and other steel structures for residential, commercial or agricultural uses for a wide range of customers.

If you have a steel product or service in mind that you need to complete your project, give us a call. We can help you determine what type of steel product you need, and our professional welders and construction specialists will assist you in creating the materials you need, while also helping you construct specific structures if needed. You’ll find that our staff are highly knowledgeable, and we offer some of the best prices in the industry. We can also ship our products to locations across Australia, so you’re not limited by location.
Shed Building
At DNA Steel Direct, we can also build and assemble sheds on your site. All of our sheds can be customised to your individual needs, including extra doors, windows, roller doors, shelving and steel workbenches.

We also stock a range of kit sheds, for anyone who is keen to DIY a shed.
Sheet-Metal Fabrication
Our sheet metal fabrication and flashings are customised to suit our clients needs. We have a range of foil, leaf and plate gauges to assist you, whatever the job may be.
We can laser or touch cut sheet products for a huge range of applications, such as ducting for air-conditioners with prescribed access points for cabling, computer transporter housing and electronic uses.

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Delivery & Installation
We offer a delivery service to the Alice Springs metro area and surrounding suburbs. Our truck has a HIAB mounted hydraulic crane so no delivery is too large.
Did you know we also install all the products we sell? Including sheds, verandahs, carports and fencing.

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